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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bandar Begawan

View dari "flight" watu ni dah nak senja

1st time ke "Brunei" memang mengujakan.. bila Mr Hubby ajak memang excited sangat..bila Mr Hubby tanya nak ikut tak..aku cuma tersengih2 jerk tak kan nak melompat2 plak depan dia..hi..hi... malu lerrrr...
dalam hati tuhan jer yang tahu..
Teruja sebab nak tgk sejauh mana "Brunei" islamiknya negara yang kaya dengan minyak tu.

31st aku bertolak dari LCCT dengan Air Asia. FlightDelay sejam..tapi sebab teruja sejam tu rasa kejap sangat. Pukul 9 malam selamat sampai di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Brunei yang terletak berhampiran dengan Ibu Negaranya iaitu Bandar Seri Begawan. Semua panduan kat sini menggunakan bahasa Jawi dan bahasa "Brunei" jer.

Lepas settle cop "pasport" ambik beg Mr hubby terus cari kereta sewa. Nasib baik ada satu tempat yang belum tutup. Kat "Brunei" pukul 9 suasana dia dah cool, senyap jer..kalau kat KL pukul 9 barulah nak kuar cari makan hi..hi.. Mr Huby sewa kereta dengan company "HERTZ" Mr hubby ambik compact car - Nissan Sentra sehari $ 95 "Dollar Brunei" lepas dapat kereta isi perut dulu...  :p
tak susah cari makanan halal kat "Brunei" ni..tapi malam tu we all beli makanan kat "Delifrance" jer..

Mr Hubby tgh deal nak sewa kereta

Meneruskan perjalanan ke Kuala Belait, the second largest city in the country after Bandar Seri Begawan.
Kuala Belait" literally means "the mouth of the Belait River". Its name comes from "Kuala" meaning either confluence of two rivers or the mouth of a river, and Belait, the name of the river and district. It is also known locally as "Belait". When needed to distinguish it from the district of the same name, it is known as "Belait town" in English or "Pekan Belait" in Malay.

Kuala Belait is located close to the western border of Brunei with the Malaysian State of Sarawak at 114.18ºE longtitude and 4.59ºN latitude. The town center is bounded by the South China Sea to the north, the Belait River to the west and south and the suburbs of Kampong Sungai Pandan and Kampong Mumong to the east and south-east respectively.

The historic administrative capital of the Belait district, Kuala Balai is located to the south and is linked to Kuala Belait by both road and river, and the oil town of Seria is located about 10 miles (16km) east. Bandar Seri Begawan is about 120km to the north-east. The Malaysian city of Miri is located about the same distance to the south-west
Ada juga yang panggil "Kuala Belait" bandar minyak. Mr hubby cek in kat Hotel Sea View Resort hotel & Apartments. Lepas cek in kemas2 barang..pas tu iron baju Mr Hubby baru dapat rest..
Leganya dapat baring...

Dari Begawan ke Kuala Belait

Mr Hubby kerja hari pertama tu, So pagi tu tak ada apa yang seronok sangat.
Lepas breakfast terus sambung tdo..Tghari baru Mr Hubby balik ajak makan..makan dekat2 kawasan tu jer..sebab dia break tak lama..

Nasi Lemak wif Curry

Ptg lepas Mr Hubby balik kerja baru pusing2 "Kuala Belait" & "Seria"
Rasa seronok sangat sebab tak ada jem, "Kuala Belait" tak ada "traffic Light" yang peliknya tak ada pulak xcident, semua kereta ikut peraturan..kereta kat Brunei ni x anyak macam kat "KL" so kat "Kuala Belait" lagilah tak bayak kendereaan. Kereta kat sini semua besar2 kalau ada "wira" sesat pun orang dari "Miri" yang datang ke "Brunei"

Inilah Ghupe Bandar "Kuala Belait"

Ptg kami Ke "Seria" seronok juga sana..ada banyak monument sejarah..singgah kat beach dia tgk matahari terbenam..

"antara sejarah Seria"
Seria is the heart of the oil industry in Brunei, and also the site of the first commercial onshore oilfield discovered in Brunei. The town sits atop the Seria Field, which was discovered in 1929 and has been continuously in production since then with the exception of short periods after the Japanese invasion and Allied liberation of Brunei in the Second World War. There are numerous nodding donkeys in and around the town and this has become the unofficial symbol of the town.

Reports circulate of a major oil well blowout in 1953, which resulted in well liquids flowing out of fissures in the ground. (Cited in Tingay 'et al.', "Present-day Stress orientation in Brunei...", Jnl.Geol.Soc.Lond. vol. 162 pp39–49, 2005) This has led to inevitable comparisons with the LUSI mud volcano in Java, which has been flowing from 2006 to the time of writing.
The Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Company Limited is headquartered in Panaga and has various facilities related to the oil and gas industry in Seria. The Seria Refinery is the only refinery in Brunei and is located in the Sungai Bera area together with the Seria Crude Oil Terminal(SCOT), the New Gas Compression Plant(NGCP) and the New Industrial Area(NIA). The open-air oil water treatment facility at the Sungai Bera Holding Basin has since been discontinued due to environmental reasons

And lagi....

The first commercial oil well [2] was spudded in 1929 in Padang Berawa on the west bank of the Seria river (Sungai Seria) [3].

Seria area was gazetted as municipal area in 1936. The town came under the authority of the Kuala Belait Sanitary Board[4] which also had responsibility for the municipal area of Kuala Belait.
The first landing of the Japanese invasion force during WW2 in Borneo was at Seria where the Left Flank of the "Kawaguchi Brigade" came ashore about 04.40 on the 16th December 1941, nine days after Pearl Harbor. They were faced with a scene of devastation of the oilfields due to "Operation Denial" carried out by employees of the British Malayan Petroleum Company (now Brunei Shell Petroleum) and the 2nd Battalion, 15th Punjab Regiment, and British Army Royal Engineers. The invasion force continued oil drilling units and restoration of the oilfields began immediately under Sato, Chief Engineer. Over the next three years the Japanese restored production to nearly pre-war levels, the activity being hectic as other sources of supply to the Japanese war machine were closed off, so much so that most of the oil fuelling the Japanese in the last 6 months of the war came from Seria. Operation "Ha-Go 2", the Japanese denial exercise commenced on 10 June 1945, the day of the Australian liberation forces landing at Muara. The fires could be seen 100 km out to sea. When the Australian 9th Division eventually entered Seria on the 29th June, the situation was chaotic, with 38 oil well fires, demolished buildings and wrecked installations. By the 17th August, when American Fire fighting teams (Patton and son) arrived, 26 of the fires had been put out by oilfield staff assisted by a Detachment of the Australian Royal Engineers. By November, production was restored, albeit stored in temporary tanks, and oil export to Lutong recommenced on the 11th December 1945.
Seria was also one of the centres of a small rebellion against the monarchy on December 8, 1962, which was suppressed by the British Army. This event became known as the Brunei Revolt[5].
Under the rule of His Majesty the late Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin, the town blossomed as commercial buildings such as the current shophouses along Jalan Sultan Omar Ali.

*Ceta ni x abis lagi..nanti senang upload pic & sambung lagi okieeeee.....*

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